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Elaine L. Toronto, ON
Patty F. Ancaster, ON

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Crystal S. Hamilton, ON

Stereo System winner
Jenn B. Wingham, ON

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Have you ever wondered what the results are of all the questions you’ve answered? Rest assured that your input is quite useful in shaping the products and services we have in the marketplace. In our latest studies on convenience store usage, here are some of the tidbits you shared with us:

    Water now outsells pop as the beverage of choice in convenience stores.
    Consumers describe chocolate as a new food group. Chocolate lovers also describe it as "an angel with wings on it."
    70% of Canadians chew gum.
    Canadians surprised us when they told us that gum contains sugar.

Here are our tips for you:
    Manufacturers confirm that 80-90% of the gum sold in Canada is sugarfree.
    Did you know that sugarfree gum has a dental benefit? After meals and snacks the chewing of sugarfree gum neutralizes the pH in the mouth and helps fight cavities.

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