About Us

opinions2GO is an online paying survey panel that invites consumers, like you, to tell companies what you think about their products and services.

The panel, designed to bring consumers and marketers together, was created by a partnership of marketing professionals with vast experience in online research and opinion making.

Every year, we conduct surveys for top manufacturers and decision makers. As a participant in opinions2GO surveys, you have the opportunity to influence these business leaders with your opinions. You may help them decide how to improve existing products today and effect the introduction of exciting new products tomorrow. By participating in our surveys you become eligible for cash and prizes and may also get a chance to see new products and services before they hit the market.

In addition to research and strategic planning, opinions2GO specializes in creative problem solving, coaching and sensory evaluation to discover business opportunities.

We also provide businesses with complete marketing and advertising solutions. Building on the results from our research, we can provide creative development from concept to final production of everything from print ads, broadcast commercials, brochures and catalogues to design, packaging, websites and POP materials.

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